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If you go through your full trial and your cat refuses it, we’ll refund every dollar!
If you go through your full trial and your cat refuses it, we’ll refund every dollar!
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"is this TMI?—her breath smells way fresher. No more feline halitosis!"
Food. For Cats.
Everything they need,
cooked fresh & delivered
We teamed up with feline nutritionists to cook up three recipes that cut the filler and focus on what cats need for a happy, healthy life.

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Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning their diet should consist mainly of fresh, high quality meat.
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Cats get most of their water through their fresh meat, which is 80% water. Kibble has very little water and can dehydrate cats.
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Cats get most of their energy from meat and fat. They have no nutritional need for grains or starches.
High quality
We only use the best ingredients to guarantee quality and safety. If it’s not good for us, it’s not good enough for our feline family.
Made fresh.
Smalls is made fresh and sent straight to you. Your food never sits on a shelf, which means we can make food the way it was meant to be made.
Cooked gently.
We cook just like you would at home to preserve all of the nutrients and moisture that cats need. No BPA, preservatives or super high heat in our kitchens.

How It Works

Three steps to switching to healthier food.

Step 1
We create the right meal plan for your cat and give you 25% off a trial box.
Step 2
We help with transition processs, designed just for picky kitties.
Step 3
We check in with you before beginning your subscription and sending your next delivery.
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Money Back Guarantee

Nervous your cat won’t like Smalls? Smalls is so tasty we’ll refund you if your cats won’t eat it.

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